Privacy policy

Danfoss is serious about the proper handling of your data, regardless of whether
you purchase one of our quality products or merely visit the website for information.
We therefore wish to inform you about our privacy policy and the safety measures
we employ to protect your data. Any personal information that you reveal to Danfoss
will be dealt with in compliance with the following privacy policy. Danfoss recommends
you to read through them thoroughly.

1. Declaration of agreement with the privacy policy in its current version

By using the Danfoss website you agree to Danfoss logging your data and using
it in compliance with the following data protection regulations. If you do not
agree to these regulations, please do not use the Danfoss website.
Danfoss reserves the right to update, modify or change these requirements without
explanation and without prior notice in order to comply with applicable data
protection legislation. Such updates, modifications and changes will be published
here and will apply to every use of the Danfoss website as soon as they are announced.

2. Registering and using personal information

Danfoss is well aware of its responsibility to society in general and to its
customers and website users in particular. Danfoss respects the privacy of personal
data and users’ concern for its safety. Whenever we have reason to gather and
use personal data we employ the best possible methods of protecting it, for instance
“double opt-in”.

2.1. Automatically recorded access data

Like many other companies, Danfoss keeps a record of the use of its website –
to help us improve it and adjust it to our visitors’ needs, for purposes of market
research and in order to repel and prevent attacks on our internet infrastructure.
For these purposes, Danfoss automatically records and stores the following connection
data during your visit to our website:
  • Internet protocol (IP) address of the connected ECL Comfort 310 controller,
    as a means of identifying it, plus hardware and software data for your ECL Comfort
    310 controller as a way of simplifying troubleshooting in the event of a malfunction
    (e.g. serial number, week of production)
  • Hardware and software data for your PC, smartphone or mobile communication
  • Code number of your ECL Comfort 310 controller (e.g. 087H3040)
  • Date on which the ECL Comfort 310 controller was registered with the ECL
  • User e mail address specified for the ECL Comfort 310 controller
  • Date and time of the most recent connection

2.2. Other personal data that may be recorded

Other personal or business data pertaining to you will be recorded only if you
accept it, e.g. when you register for the ECL portal. All of this data is recorded,
processed and utilised only so far as necessary for the particular purpose, or
where we have your permission (e.g. for the registration or to enable us to respond
to a query). Your data will be retained only so long as necessary for the particular
purpose, or, where there is some legal requirement, for the period stipulated
by statute. Your data will not be correlated with the automatically recorded
access data.

2.3. Registering with and using the ECL portal

When you register with the ECL portal we ask for personal data such as your first
name, surname, address, e mail address, profession and other voluntary information.
This data is used for the provision of the ECL portal, for invoicing, for complying
with legal or official requirements, for maintaining our databases and customer
records, for support and service, for analysing our business and product development
and for the purpose of marketing Danfoss goods and services.
If necessary you can modify or delete the data you supplied at any time, but
if you delete information that is vital to your registration we will then no
longer be able to permit you to access the ECL portal.
The following information is recorded automatically when you use the ECL portal:
  • IP address of the attached ECL Comfort 310 controller, as a way of identifying
  • Hardware data relating to your ECL Comfort 310 controller, to simplify troubleshooting
    in the event of a malfunction (e.g. serial number, week of production)
  • All the sensor readings that are displayed in the ECL portal, such as temperature,
    pressure, frequency of use (time and quantity) and the energy consumption. Data
    relating to energy consumption is retained for five years. Other sensor measurements
    are retained for three months.

You will receive access data for using the ECL portal, consisting of your e mail
address and a password. Please keep these in a safe place. Please note that if
you reveal your access data in order to give a third party access to the details
of your ECL Comfort 310 controller, you will also be giving them access to your
other data. Danfoss accepts no responsibility for the consequences of a third
party accessing your data due to your revealing these codes or failing to keep
them safe.

3. Passing data to third parties

Danfoss may pass personal data on to authorised third parties, where this is
necessary. In particular, Danfoss reserves the right to employ service providers
for tasks such as data capture, processing and utilisation. For example, it is
unavoidable that Danfoss passes personal data to
  • Logistics partners who deliver any Danfoss products you order
  • Hosting companies who provide the servers we use for storing the data (EMT
  • Financial service providers who handle payments for us.

Such service providers may access your data only so far as is necessary for them
to fulfil their appointed tasks. Your personal data will not be passed to any
other third parties, unless you have expressly authorised Danfoss to do so.

4. Updating the personal information of registered users

Danfoss needs your help in ensuring that the personal data you make available
is always correct and up to date. To enable Danfoss to keep your registered user
profile up to date, please inform us immediately in the event of any change to
your name, address, company, telephone number or e mail address.

5. The use of cookies

The Danfoss website and the ECL portal use what are called “cookies”. Cookies
are small files that are stored on the user’s computer when he or she visits
a website. Cookies may contain various types of data and make it possible to
offer additional functionality (and make webpages generally more user-friendly,
more effective and more secure). Danfoss uses only cookies that it creates itself
(so-called “first-party cookies”). It never makes use of “third-party cookies”.
Where cookies are used they do not contain any personal data, except where you
have expressly given permission for this (e.g. to facilitate entering a password-protected
area again at a later date by recording the data in a cookie to avoid having
to enter your user ID and/or password a second time). The ECL portal does use
cookies to store your personal user settings, for instance your preferred language.
Danfoss does not give the collected data from its cookies – or information about
the associated user behaviour – to any third parties.
At present this Danfoss website uses the following types of cookies:
  • Session cookies: To increase the functionality and utilisation of the website
    we use session cookies to send temporary information to the user’s internet browser
    to identify them during their visit, to help them navigate around the site and
    to shorten access times. Session cookies are stored only temporarily in intermediate
    storage and are deleted when the user exits the website and closes the browser.
    Session cookies do not contain any personal data.
  • Profile cookies: Profile cookies enable the user’s browser to remember their
    login data and user settings for the ECL portal (e.g. choice of language) in
    order to use them for future logins.

If you wish to use the Danfoss website without any cookies you can set up your
browser to automatically deactivate their use.

6. User rights

You are entitled to receive information about the personal data we hold for you,
on request and free of charge. Under the statutory provisions you also have the
right to revoke your consent to the recording, utilisation and processing of
your personal data and the right to correct, disable or delete it. If you wish
to see the relevant information please contact one of our data protection officers
listed below.

7. Data Protection Officer

If you wish to file an information request or make any other applications, queries
or suggestions relating to our recording, processing or utilisation of your personal
data, please contact our data protection officer at:
E mail: